You Can Be An Entrepreneur And Not Get Divorced



You Can Be An Entrepreneur And Not Get Divorced

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October 6, 2013
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I have some significant but difficult news to share. After a decade of marriage, my wife and I have divorced. As with many divorced couples, the two of us never, ever thought we'd be here.

A critical factor in our decision was my evolution as an entrepreneur and a startup CEO, making me distant when I was on the road, and distracted when at home. I must confess that, at times, I was more married to my job as CEO of BzzAgent and more committed to the startup community than I'd been to my wife, Beth. The two of us might have stayed together if I had known what to do to keep her from feeling like a "founder widow," as she puts it.

Married to Your Startup, or Your Spouse?

If you're in a leadership role or live the lifestyle of a startup CEO, are you wedded to your career---or to your spouse? Is your real marriage at risk?

Let's face it...

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