The Friday Before Memorial Day Sucks



The Friday Before Memorial Day Sucks

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Startups & Venture Capital
May 25, 2017
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Running a startup is a constant struggle of emotions.

One day you’re seeing the forest through the trees, storming the castle, making it happen — the next, you wonder if everything you’re doing is half-baked, if you’re making it all up (you probably are) and if you’ll ever get the traction, revenue or results you reflect on during your goddamn mindfulness sessions.

Which is why the Friday before Memorial Day sucks.

  • Half your employees took the day off
  • Another 1/3 decide to “WFH” that morning (notifying the company via Slack, of course)
  • Every customer, client, partner is suddenly “en route” somewhere — yeah they’ll pick up the conversation next week..
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