Hire a Head of Product in 11 Steps



Hire a Head of Product in 11 Steps

Originally Published
April 9, 2017
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Corinna Mooser
Corinna Mooser

If you’re anything like me, hiring for product is a complete and utter friggin’ nightmare.

It’s not because there isn’t a dearth of talent, and it’s not because product leadership isn’t an absolutely necessity for any startup.

It’s because no discipline is as misunderstood, misapplied, mystified, misnamed and mistaken, as the product discipline.

Today is a big day for Mylestone. After a 5 month search we welcome Drew Condon as our new Head of Product. [Editor’s Note: Thank dear god. I don’t really pray, but if I did, someone certainly blessed me on this one.].

If you’re hiring product leadership, be forewarned: this is no high school dance. Buckle in, it’s time to do the rhumba.

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