You are A Cat-Mauling Product Manager



You are A Cat-Mauling Product Manager

Originally Published
August 9, 2013
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Seeking an insanely talented, overwhelmingly smart, absurdly likable, and appropriately egomaniacal senior product executive.  

  • You’re so curious, you leave a trail of dead felines in your wake.
  • Speaking of cats, if Usain Bolt miraculously had a child with a Cheetah, you could beat it in the 100m.
  • Your ability to yap code and rub antennae with engineers is so impressive they’ll show you their polyhedral d12 die.
  • You can sell catnip to dogs and snausages to cats.
  • You’re a Passiflora edulis.  We like you plump for your size, with a wrinkly surface - and we don’t give two squats about your membranous sacs...
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