The 8-Week Dance to an Acquisition



The 8-Week Dance to an Acquisition

Originally Published
June 14, 2016
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In June 2016, Mylestoned, which preserves memories of the departed, acquired Heirloom, which beautifully digitizes paper photos.

Here’s the truth on how acquisitions actually work:

Primping [week 1]

  • Baboon-level Google search uncovers Heirloom Photo Capture App.
  • Mylestoned team Slack-discusses…even though they sit elbow to elbow.

Cue Music [weeks 2–3]

  • Balter tweets at Heirloom CEO @ericowski. Response: “@davebalter would love to connect. will send you message on LinkedIn to coordinate.”
  • Cut to meeting at a hipster coffee shop* in San Francisco. Turns out, Heirloom is currently evaluating dance partners...
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